UK should relish prospect of Europe raising its game on tech –

Right across Europe, our competitors are jockeying to steal the UK’s crown as Europe’s leading digital tech nation. Some think Berlin is snapping at London’s heels, while in France, Emmanuel Macron is trying to make Paris Europe’s new start-up hub. Station F, a fantastic new facility in a converted railway depot in Paris, has opened with 3,000 spaces for early-stage companies.

But the UK has built its position as Europe’s tech centre for many reasons and that advantage will not be lost overnight, or even in a couple of years. Indeed, if our neighbours do make a success of bolstering their tech sectors, it will be good for the whole European tech sector, in giving the titans of Silicon Valley something to look over their shoulder at.

In sectors such as transport, aerospace and energy there has long been collaboration between British companies and French ones. The Channel Tunnel was a great…

UK should relish prospect of Europe raising its game on tech –

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