UK hires top New Zealand trade negotiator to head post-Brexit deals –

“As the UK prepares to leave the EU, it will be top of the Government’s agenda to turn the enormous new opportunities opening up for the UK into win-win agreements with our trading partners around the globe,” said Mr Falconer.

“That will bring tangible new gains to us at home, and it will bring gains to those trading partners that join us. As the world’s fifth largest economic power, the UK will bring much needed leadership to the international trade agenda. I am absolutely delighted to join this hugely exciting new journey.”

He is a joint citizen of both the UK and New Zealand. Brexit negotiations start on Monday, while Mr Falconer will begin in his role later this summer.

International trade secretary Liam Fox said the appointment shows the UK is “attracting the very best global talent” to “further build our trade capacity”.

The new chief has also been made a head of profession – a term which indicates trade negotiation will be deemed a separate “profession” within the civil service.

That designation indicates the staff are specialists with their own clear career path and training opportunities, rather than generalists who move around different parts of Whitehall.

UK hires top New Zealand trade negotiator to head post-Brexit deals –

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