Doomfist punches everybody in his first pro Overwatch appearance – FanSided

He isn’t even officially released but Doomfist is already out there, meteor-striking the pros.

Overwatch‘s just-released brand new hero, Doomfist, has captured the attention of the Overwatch community for the past week. Playable only on PC and only within the Public Test Region, most Overwatch players have not yet had a chance to experience Doomfist firsthand.

And yet, a pro Overwatch player is already out there trying him out in a professional match.

On Monday, South Korean Overwatch team Meta Athena played in a showmatch against Ardeont, another South Korean team. Within the Overwatch pro scene, Meta Athena is known for testing the limits of team composition and strategy. But no one saw it coming when Meta Athena’s Kim “Libero” Hye Sung rampaged into the match as Doomfist.

Using Doomfist’s Meteor Strike, Libero was able to take out the opposition’s Winston and Genji. He then followed up with an one-punch elimination of Tracer, and was even able to knock Zenyatta off the map for an environmental kill. With four eliminations coming in one fell swoop, Doomfist was able to help Meta Athena regain some momentum in the match.

This successful debut bodes well for Doomfist’s pro potential. Both Sombra and Orisa’s first pro appearances ended terribly. The fact that Doomfist was able to disrupt the traditional dive composition team that’s heavily favored in the pro Overwatch meta may mean that the new hero will find true pro potential.

But of course, this is all speculation, and Meta Athena’s use of Doomfist came during an exhibition match where they had nothing on the line.

There’s still much to discover about Doomfist’s true role within pro play. Teams may explore ways to use Doomfist to bust through the meta or they may just add him to it, replacing one of the current favored heroes in team composition.

But honestly at this point, we don’t care too much what pros think of Doomfist. We want the chance to play him and make our own opinions first.

Doomfist punches everybody in his first pro Overwatch appearance – FanSided

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